MyBenz Charity 2008

MyBenz Charity 2008

MyBenz Charity 2008

To All Members…
Come Join, Contribute & Support Our Charity Program….

* For those who wrote “tbc”, please confirm your attendance ASAP

Venue: Impiana Hotel KL
Time : 2pm- 6pm
Date : 1 November 2008


Impiana KL Room Rate:

Superior Room type.

package type 1: RM230++ with 1 breakfast
package type 2: RM250++ with 2 breakfast

1.Dean126 (saripuddin) – type 2 – 1/11/2008
2.Zeta – type 1 -31/10/2008


Charity Coupons

RM50.00 Adults / Children: RM35 (7 year old & above)- no coupon issued

Booking List (Coupons):

** For those who book online (early bird) can choose tshirt size
** First come first serve, limited to 200pcs only.
*** Available Size: S=40, M=40, L=60, XL=60, XXL=30, XXXL=20
**** Check your FREE tshirt measurement here : S-18, M-19, L-20, XL-21, XXL-22, XXXL-23

All payments to be made to:

Mybenz Network
MBB : 564810003768
email notify:

Donations from Non Mybenz Members:

1. Orang Pandan Indah – RM200 ————-(PAID)TQ
2. Shahwira Holdings Sdn Bhd – RM5000 —–(PAID)TQ
3. Anonymous – RM600 ———————-(PAID)TQ
4. Osmania Logistics Sdn Bhd – RM500 ——(PAID)TQ
5. Anonymous – RM200 ———————–(PAID)TQ
6. Alaf Sentosa Sdn Bhd – RM2000 ———–(PAID)TQ
7. Anonymous – RM100 ————(PAID)TQ
8. Anonymous – RM300 ————(PAID)TQ
9. Anonymous – RM50 ————-(PAID)TQ
10. Anonymous – RM50 ————-(PAID)TQ
11. Anonymous – RM500 ————(PAID)TQ
12. Anonymous – RM50————–(PAID)TQ
13. Mr. X – RM50 —————– (PAID)10Q
14. Ms. Blondie – RM50 ———– (PAID)10Q
15. Dancesteps Studio Sdn Bhd – RM1000 —– (PAID) 10Q
16. Rsegari Holdings Sdn Bhd – RM1000 —— (PAID) 10Q
17. Mr and Mrs Smith – RM500————(PAID)TQ
18. En. Mohd Radzi & Puan Nor Azian- RM100
19. Jack and Jill- RM500
20. Mr and Mrs Beckham- RM500
21. Kristal Visual Sdn Bhd- RM5000
22. Wan Puteri Khadijah- RM50
23. Wan Muhammad Khalil Putra- RM50

Donation from MYBENZ members. (Min. donation RM20)

Pay to: Mybenz Network /MBB 564810003768/email notify (important)

1. Anonymous – RM1000 ————————(PAID)TQ
2. 19owner – RM50—————————–(PAID)TQ
3. Jai – RM100——————————–(PAID)TQ
4. Besout Auto, Rawang – Faizal – RM200
5. C&G Car Acc Air-Cond& Elec Co – RM300 ——(PAID)TQ
6. City Cycle – RM300————————–(PAID)TQ
7. NPK -RM100 ———————————(PAID)TQ
8. Choq – RM50 ——————————–(PAID)TQ
9. Anonymous – RM30 ————————– (PAID) TQ
10. Hamba Allah – RM2000 ——————— (PAID) TQ


Anyone who wishes to volunteer for the above please write your name, as we will be meeting with MB Charity committee members together with all volunteers for the event dry run rehearsal.

DATE: 31st October 2008 – Friday.
TIME: 5pm.
VENUE: Hotel Impiana, KL


1. Sham
2. Hafiz
3. Evva
4. Buckrey
5. Kura-Kura@Amin
6. Shwani
7. Pipiloyot
8. Fardell
9. Aweksha
10. Khuzairi
11. Amman
12. C9 – daughter
13. suhanida (new volunteer)
14. Razak
15. adik
16. Zeta

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to call us…

Committee Members:
Zeta 019 7704991
shwani 012 2442277
evva 013 3471454
hafiz 019 3713174
sham 012 6749804
amin 019 2989388


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Remembering my best friend; My Grandmother

I would like to share with you guys a true story which I experienced some 12 years back. I was only 14 years old during that time. It happened two days before raya. As usual my family and I were busy spring cleaning our house for the big day, it came across my mind to give her a call, suddenly I missed her so much.

I dialled the number and she picked up the phone; her voice was tender and loving upon answering the phone. I asked how was she doing and she said that she was doing fine except for her gastric causing her not to fast for a few days prior to the sickness. She even complained that she had a deep pain right at the edge of her liver, did not even came across my mind that it was actually a mild heart attack :(.

She asked me when will I be back to see her, I excitedly told her that I will be back a day before raya. I told her not to worry about me and take care of her health. During the big day, no need to worry about others as they all know how to manage themselves. Filled with excitement, she told me that my sister’s dress was ready to be wear and she hanged the dress at the back of her bedroom door. She had prepared a few bottles of homemade syrup for my brother and jellies for the guests to enjoy during the big day. She was also excited as one of my relative who was staying afar back then was going back to see her and she cooked his favorite bone soup specially for him.

Before I hung up the phone, I told her that I miss her and wanted to see her the next day. Without suspecting anything I hung up. In my mind I was looking forward to see her. That night as usual I attended the last Terawikh prayer for the month of Ramadhan and later started to pack my luggage to get back to my hometown the next day.

That morning, right after Subuh prayer, I took a short nap when my mother woke me up crying said that she was very ill and being hospitalized at the ICU ward. Confused, I quickly took a quick shower and rushed back to Muar. The bad traffic made the journey felt like a long one. Upon arrival at the hospital, we rushed to the ICU ward when I met Pak Mid and said, “Her chance of survival was very slim thus the doctor took out the life support machine”. I started to sob, quickly we rushed down to her house and the first word I got to hear from him was; “She’s gone……10 minutes ago”.
I felt the earth crumbled and my sight darkened, without realizing that I have started to cry out loud. Could not believe that someone that I loved whom I spoken to her via the phone yesterday had been called to be with Him on the very last day of fasting month. That was the darkest day of my life where she whom I loved most died due to heart failure and high blood pressure. Before burial, I watched her face for the last time and all I could see was a pale smiling face as though like she was saying “I love you; my grandchildren” I could not believe that I am going to lost her before she managed to see me going to university and settling down.

It was fated and life’s like that and it took me quite a while to cope with life after her death. But if she is still around, she would be very proud of me. I miss you dearly.

P/S: “She” in this story refers to my late grandmother; Hajah Hasnah Mohamed whom passed away on the 30th Ramadhan, 12 February 1997. “Him” on the other hand refers to my late grandfather’ Haji A Rahman Haji Taib whom passed away in 2003 after a short old illness. I did not realize that teardrops rolling down on my face as I write down this story. Al-Fatihah to my grandparents; Hajah Hasnah Mohamed and Haji A Rahman Haji Taib.

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NZ Wheels Family Day 2010

My wife and I went for a company’s trip down to Cherating to commemorate the NZ Wheels 15th Anniversary as well as celebrating its family day there. As for me, the event was the first time I celebrated family day together with my colleagues together with my beloved wife, Norshahidah Mohd Mahayadin. As everything was paid for and what I did was bring myself and wife and our luggage, we decided not to drive instead we took bus there as the company had provided luxury coaches for us.

The bus departed from the majestic looking NZ Wheels Autohaus at 8 am sharp and through out the journey, we had a great time together, watching movies as well as chit chatting amongst others. Together boarding the bus with me were Mazril, Sara, Azizi, both Eja and Azie together with their children. Before making our way to Cherating, we stopped for lunch at NZ Wheels Kuantan branch we were given VIP treatment there. I had great time there eating durians, it has been ages since I had one and because of that my body temperature went erratic 🙂

We checked in at The Legend Cherating at 3.30 pm and made our way straight to our room and to my big surprise that I got myself a room facing directly to the sea. How majestic it was, thinking that I had never brought my wife for a vacation by the seaside. The room was nice and cozy I must say albeit of its aging factor. Some how, I felt the room was a dejavu; I thought I had been there before perhaps some 16 years back when I was a little child hehehe.. That night, we had our first dinner by the seaside with Hawaiian Night as the theme for the dinner. And that was the night all branches and departments were required to perform a show to audiences that night. I joined the performance together with the rest of the sales team of NZ Wheels Klang Autohaus doing the No Body dancing sketch where we all dressed like hot and nasty guy that night hahahahaha! Man I cant imagine I could do that… and later followed by a proper dancing show by he fellow ladies of NZ Wheels; I admired the way they dance that night. NZ Wheels made my night as my wife and I were crowned as the best dressed couple for the night, THANK YOU NZ WHEELS!

Later after the dinner, my wife and I decided to take a short stroll along the beach and we happened to meet our colleague; Leena and her two adorable sons (ladies, I am serious) hehehe and we went for a short stroll at the beach side and finally we stopped at Coconut Grove Coffee House and had our late night tea. After quenching our thirst sipping hot and cold drinks we went to the inhouse pub where fellow sales team had booked the place purposely for NZ Wheels staffs to enjoy themselves. Man, I simply love NZ Wheels for what they had given to its staffs. But unfortunately, I did not stay long there as I need to get a good sleep for the telematch the next day.

We had breakfast at Seri Nagasari Hall.I had western breakfast, a piece of croissant, a piece of whole meal bread spreaded with butter and a glass of mango juice. Then, we went to join the telematch and the weather was warm and dry, normal for seaside weather. Although I did not win the telematch but I enjoyed myself that very day. But later in the afternoon, I was supposed to join the explore race but the weather made me sick as I got a very heavy headache hence, my group withdrawn from the game and headed back to our rooms and we took a very long nap throughout the evening.

That night was the grand dinner for NZ Wheels Sdn Bhd with Bollywood Night as the theme. My wife wore the sari meanwhile I clad myself with punjabi shirt, one set which we bought at Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. Again, we were nominated as the best dressed couple for the night but unfortunately, Balakrishnan (diagnostic techinician) won the title together with his wife, Umma. To me, it is about winning but I felt appreciated. Hehehehe… that night, later after the dinner my wife went to bed early as she told me that she was not feeling well I went to hang out by the beach side together with Mazril, Sara, Eddy Lau, Eja and Azizi. We had great time together while chatting about our past stories. Hehehe….

We departed back to KL at 1.30 pm the next day and dropped by Chendor to buy a must goodies from the land of turtle, Keropok Lekor and keropok kering. I guess, the traders made dozens of fortune on that day from us alone heheh…. imagine three buses stopped. Hehehe… We watched My Name Is Khan, acted by Datuk Shah Rukh Khan together with Kajol. A very touching story and for all we knew, we had arrived Kuala Lumpur upon the end of the movie. A very touching story though, about an autistic man who tried to meet the president of United States of America just to tell him that he was not a terrorist. We safely arrived NZ Wheels Autohaus at 8 pm sharp and made our way back home to bring my siblings out for dinner at the nearby restaurant.

I went to bed early that night, perhaps due to exhaustion after a long journey back home from Cherating to Kuala Lumpur. Cherating left behind thousands of unforgettable memories and I am going to cherish the moment.

-Fadhil Zhafri-

0047 hrs

Ara Damansara

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1 May 2010……

One year ago, to be precise 1 May 2009 marked the beginning of my first sail together with my newly wed wife Norshahidah Mohd Mahayadin.It has been a year now since we began our journey as husband and wife. Throughout our first year of marriage we’ve gone through lots of part and parcel of life be it good or bad time.

Nor Shahidah Mohd Mahayadin is the most wonderful woman I ever seen in my entire life. She filled my life with all her love and kindness, standing at the back of me in what ever I do giving me ongoing moral support; she knowsmy ambitions and how I am trying hard to turn it into reality. She completes my life as a man.

Although our Wedding Anniversary is about another week to go, but today on this cloudy evening, I am writing to express how much I am indebted with this lady named Nor Shahidah Mohd Mahayadin and how I loved her with all my heart and I promised that nothing can break us apart but death. She saw the little child in me but my life is in her hand; a day without her voice makes me restless at least I just want to hear her say hello over the phone, it will makes me feel better.

My lovely wife, Nor Shahidah Mohd Mahayadin, Happy 1st Anniversary Sayang! Thank you for completing my life and I hope that we will stay happy like this forever. Till death do us part sayang!

Note: This picture was taken before our engagement on the 18 Novemer 2008, I am going to cherish this picture.

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Me, Myself And Her……….

It has been a while since I last did my write ups in this blog. Work commitments hampered me from actively doing a write ups in this lovely blogs. I am happy whenever I write as it enhance my writing skills and also, enabling people out there to know me better. Here are some pictures taken by me for the past few days.

This picture was taken last year, breaking fast with my beloved wife Shahidah at JM Beriyani Restaurant, Subang Jaya.

This picture was taken during one of our date. This one was taken during our bowling date at One Utama. We were not engaged yet that time hehe… the flame of love had just begun…. she has something in her that attracts me.

My wife’s first birthday with her beloved hubby. 9th August 2009. In this picture, she received a sugar from me. I dont know why, she is perfect to me and she completes my empty heart and healed my wounded heart.

I love her for the way she is.

We are meant to be for each other…

Our honeymoon at Cameron Highlands.

I am happy to have her as my life companion. Hope that my marriage would last till my very last breath. I love u always dear…..

Till then good night.

-Fadhil Zhafri-

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Remembering My Friends……

Previously, I had mentioned all about my dreams and also my vision and mission.Today, while sitting and pondering around thinking about what to do, suddenly I felt something amiss, not for long before I realized that some of friends had left me forever to be with Him up there. Suddenly it came before me to write this in remembering my friends; my unforgettable friends who were called upon by Him to be by His side. They were good friends of mine someone that I think I would hardly ever see in this world. While writing this, I did not realize tears dripping down my cheeks; a hint of how close I was with them once upon a time. They were Fatimah Nur Mohd Zulkple @ Nur, Muhamad Hairani Shahir @ Rani, Muhd Ezhar Zulkple @ Abang Anep and Rusli Zakaria @ Uncle Cougar9. These are peoples who had cherished my life once and medicine to my heart when I was hurt.

They were:

1. Fatimah Nur Mohd Zulkple (1983-2001)

2. Muhamad Hairaini Shahir (1983-2004)

3. Muhd Ezhar Mohd Zulkple (1976-2008)

4. Rusli Zakaria @ Cougar9 (1955-2010)

May God Bless their soul with all His Blessings! Al-Fatihah….

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MangkoeBoxer • View forum – Bintang Boxer

MangkoeBoxer • View forum – Bintang Boxer

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The Video Trailer

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