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The Development of W124 Mercedes Benz


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Faithful Mercedes Benz Advertisement

This advertisement really touched my heart and my love and passion towards Mercedes Benz grows stronger.

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A Day At The Hospital…..

271220082581I was warded for a day at SJMC prior to me of having my sleep study done. I have been diagnosed with sleeping problem since I first started working early this year.  Imagined having wires tangled around my head and body, it was just like bionic man in testing mode. I hoped that this test can figure out what went wrong actually while I was sleeping. Prior to my sleeping disorder, I often fell into depression, stress and fatigue while doing my work.

27122008260I prayed that things will be a lot better after this. Here are some pictures taken after the test was conducted. I was put at the diagnostic department from 9pm yesterday till 6.30 am this morning. It was an unforgettable experience for me being like a bionic man and spending a night at the diagnostic department. However, thanks to Amy Ho of Diagnostic Department for her assistance during my stay there. Earlier, my fiancee, Shidah went to see me before they brought me down for my sleeping test. Pyan and Lin came right after I went off; thanks for coming Pyan and Lin, really appreciate it though.

I got discharged this afternoon and will need to see the doctor on next Saturday. Anyway, it was a totally new experience for me to spend a night at the diagnostic department.

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Dad’s Previous Cars, Some Passions He has Deep Within Him About Cars

Dad had been using several cars before decided to settle with his current Mercedes Benz 260E. Well, I would like to share with some of the virtual members about the marques he had driven before and today. It might take sometimes but well here it goes….

1. 1974 Opel Manta 1900SR Rallye (JK5454)


2. 1980 Mitsubishi Galant Eterna

3.  1980 Mazda 626 4 Speed

4. 1982 Mazda 626 5 speed

5. 1977 BMW 320i (the car below has the identical colour like it but this is not the exact car)

6. 1984 Volvo 240GL


7. 1983 Mercedes Benz 230E Automatic

1984-mercedes-benz-230e-w1238. 1991 Honda Accord 2.0 EXi

9. 1989 BMW 520i (Converted to 525i)


10.  1991 Mercedes Benz 260E


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Mummy’s Birthday 25 October 2008

Although it has been nearly 2 month since we had the celebration, well I would like to share with you a bit of the photos taken during mummy’s birthday. The event was a totally different one as it was attended by my soon to be in-laws and wife family. I was glad to have them around to celebrate mummy’s birthday together as one extended family. Shidah’s family was an indeed a gift from God and I am thankful to that. Man how emotional I am tonight hehe…. well words could not describe it all, a picture shall tell a thousand words about my expression tonight. Well here we go…. camera roll, action…….

p7270892The birthday girl, Hajah Zulaika A Rahman was born on the 25 October 1960 at a modest home located at Parit Lubok, Johor. A bundle of joy of Hajjah Hasnah Mohamed (Allahyarham) and Haji A Rahman Taib (Allahyarham). She is the queen of our 4 siblings in the house, and always be there no matter what happen.

p7270894A specially baked blueberry cheese cake specially baked by my beloved soon to be wife, Shidah; thank you sayang for baking a delicious and sumptous cake specially for my mum’s big day.  I can see some sign of happiness rose before mummy, she is happy that she is going to have a daughter in-law soon and her family is expanding for the first time. Shidah is an angel sent to our family to shine the family brighter than before.

p7270895Preparing to sing Happy Birthday to Mummy…. my sister, Fatin was excited to taste the cake….


My soon to be mother in-law together with my mum cut the birthday cake.

p7270904Abah and mummy….. I must say they were meant to be for each other. Abah is a very understanding man in this whole wide world and I respect him for all the love he showered to mummy and making our family and happy living family. Although there were tantrums, but we managed to get it through. Abah, u are the best father in the world and I love you always. A mother’s love would brings one to heaven whereby, a father’s love is endless.


A happy living family….. me, farah, fatin and fateh…..


Last but not least, Shidah, Farah, mummy and I……..

Happy Birthday Mummy! You mean everything to me!

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Mercedes Benz Advertisement….

Mercedes Benz 70’s Advertisement

Mercedes Benz- Past & Future

Mercedes Benz Timeline Video

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My Perodua Kembara…

I wish to share some pictures of my daily ride. It’s a year 2004 Perodua Kembara. It comes with a newer engine coded as DVVT, a similar sight that can be seen in a Toyota Avanza VVT-i. It has been with me for 4 years and still drives exceptionally well. One thing that I liked the most of this car is that, it’s a robust machine that can drives me from point A to B without any problems.  Since day one, this car has been performing in terms of its fuel efficiency as well as comfort for long haul journey. In fact I had driven this car to one whole Malaysia in year 2005 when I followed my Perodua Kembara Owner Club ( in conjunction with the Merdeka Celebration.

The 2000km journey although tiring but I enjoyed myself as I managed to see the other side of Peninsular Malaysia such as Tasik Banding in Hulu Perak, Pengkalan Hulu; the third boarder of Malaysia and Thailand, if one use the route there, will end up at Betong Town @ Pekan Betong. Apart from that, this car was driven by me during my varsity day at Perlis and it never fails me; in fact this car has a sentimental values for me. I fell in love and broke off with my evil-witch ex-gf witnessed by my Kembara and she never failed me to bring me to where ever I want to go. Some people thought that I am crazy but then, once u are in love with cars, u tend to communicate with the car often per se, know its behavior and performance. Cars are like ladies that wanted to be loved.

Well here goes nothing, some pictures of my Kembara. It is just a standard Kembara DVVT but I am intending to do something to it but when, I am not sure. Hehehe…enjoy the pictures then….pictures could tell a thousand words…

Trip To Sungei Sendat (2006)

aku-dia-dan-perodua2009 This was taken in year 2006, right after I broke off.

at-last-sungai-sendat-crossing-the-river I was very new back then to off road hehehe but worth it to try although not that harsh…. I have to think on the pros and cons before choosing to offroad….

actiondamn-shes-pretty-when-crossing-the-mud-pool hehehehe just meddling around with the mud….huhu but then i took me sometimes to clean the mess. Now I am concern for the undercarriage rust huhuu…

here-we-go-perodua2009-in-action Hehehehee….. that was fun though….

at-last-she-made-it-through-i-am-so-proud-of-you-dear huhuhuuhu my car was in a mess!

shes-marvelous-in-the-mud-coating Huhuhuu that was damn fun man!

A year after the trip, I decided to change the look of the car a bit. I was jelous to see other Kembara got spoiler where by mine does not come with that. I was lucky enough to buy this spoiler from a friend of mine whom had upgraded his spoiler to Toyota Cami Sport Spoiler. Well, here are the pictures after the installation of the spoiler… it had some how changed the look of the car.

2007…. New Spoiler…New Look



And now, the year 2008, my car now got its new pair of shoes….



That is all about my car….

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