PERODUA 2009, My Pride & Joy

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16 April 2004, was the day a little girl was born made its journey out of its mother’s womb at a modest place in Sungai Choh, Selangor. She was named as Kembara and her mother’s name is Perodua. Soon after she was born, she was then transferred into an incubator located at a corner of the delivery theater; the distribution unit. Vulnerable, she did not know where she was about to be located at. She was scared and cold that she could not explain. She cried but no one heard her crying, crying for sympathy. Not long after that, she realized that she was actually on a transporter together with her next of kin, Kelisa, Kenari and Rusa. She overheard the driver of the transporter mentioned that they were bounding to Muar, Johor.

She did not know where is that place, neither her relatives heard about the place before.  She was hoping for betterment for her and her relatives. Slowly, the transporter leave behind her beloved hometown, all she could do was crying, bidding goodbye to her beloved mother, wondering when they can ever meet again. She was sad and did not know who might want to adopt her and treat her like an angel, sweet pie and dolly. She kept on praying that things would be better once she arrived there.

Finally she arrived at a modest town, Muar where she was placed at a back room of her temporary shelter, Perodua Sales Muar. She was still afraid, did not know who they are, most of them were her next of kin whom are much older than her. She was in agony worrying about who was going to take good care of her as she was alone and sad being far away from her hometown, but her agony was well paid for when the caretaker of the showroom brought her back to his house. She was happy but worry what was that all about, bringing her back to his house. She could only see the man was writing on papers which she did not know what is the content of the papers, until she saw this stunning sky blue Mercedes Benz came before her.

“Another 2 days you can collect you car” Ahhh, now I know, it was her soon to be adopted parents. They were grateful enough to see her wearing sparkling silver cloth clad with side step bar and kangaroo bar fitted around her. The son, could not wait any much longer to drive her around. How lucky she felt at that time, without realizing that 4 years had passed her by and she is now a a big girl in this family. She was named after PERODUA2009 as per in her birth certificate, 23 April 2004, finally she was a registered baby with a name on it….4 long years of service, she had never failed him. She brought him where ever he goes, from KL up to Perlis where he continued his degree course and completed his studies there. She even witnessed how he was heart broken prior to his cruel and mean old witch ex girlfriend…but those where the days.

He is a happy man now, and she is very happy for him plus he is getting married to his girl of dream soon. 🙂 She also drives a Kembara, a gorgeous looking Kembara, clad in black shirt and leather coated interior. She will never let him down, although he already has his girl of dream, she will always be loyal to him, all for one and one for all and till death do us part, that is her vow to him. She has never let him down for the past 4 years. Some pictures of her and him….

kembara-at-cameron-2 PERODUA2009, my pride and joy made her very first long haul journey to Cameron Highland.


me-with-perodua2009The car was still new back then….but it is a robut machine….

And this is the latest look of her…….


She just gotten her new pair of shoes…..

That is all about my baby, PERODUA2009, my pride and joy….


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Calling All Perodua Kancil, Rusa, Kembara, Kenari & Kelisa Owners My Perodua Kembara…

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