A Blast From The Past…. All About Me….

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That’s me in the picture. I was around 5 month old. I remembered my mum told me that those pictures were taken at Keramat Tin Dredging, Tapah. Dad used to work there.


This picture is something that I am going to cherished until the end of my life. A picture of a father and son; my father carrying me around the National Monument during my first birthday in 1984. I owed him a lot and now I am showering him with all the love and attention like any other fathers in this whole wide world deserve.


This picture was taken when I was 2 years old and this was taken at BM21, Berjuntai Tin Dredging. This was where I spent most of my childhood days before we moved to Kemaman in 1990. We moved to Batang Berjuntai in 1984 and this was where I met Allahyarham Fatimah Nur (1983-2001), Allahyarham Abang Anep (1976-2008) and the rest of my childhood friends. I always wrote about my unforgettable childhood memories there; what I enjoyed most there and also the ‘secret path’ to get to the mess hall. I missed the good old childhood days.


This picture was taken on 13 March 1986 where I celebrated my 3rd birthday. I wonder if my son would look exactly like me or vice versa hehehe.. I remembered I got my first remote controlled car on that day, after I cried out loud at the shopping center of getting one before my birthday.


We shifted from BM21 to BM16, which is adjacent to Allahyarham Nur’s house. We shifted to a bigger bungalow, where I remembered I played hide and seek and the last time I visited there (abandoned house) I realized that the house was only a medium sized bungalow not as big as perceived by the old me. The bungalow was surrounded with palm trees, mango trees, guava trees and flowers planted by my mother. Also it has a big lawn that it can cater approximately 2o cars at one time. We often had our BBQ get together there.


At a corner of our old bungalow where dad put this swing. We brought this swing to Kemaman when we moved there but we gave it to my mother’s friend in 1994 before we moved back here. I must say that this picture was the most meaningful picture for me because the picture was complete with my parents and siblings before Fatin was born in 1998, 12 years after Farah. Here, Farah was only 1 year old, I was 4 and fateh was 2. I have already started my kindergarten at Fatima Kindergarten in Batang Berjuntai town.


Sometimes I am touched with this picture as two of my close childhood friends were called upon to be with Him. Sitting from the left; my brother Fateh, Me, Farah, Irma, Allahyarham Nur (pink T-shirt), Allahyarham Abang Anep (wearing cap), Kak Diana (holding a little boy), my mother (pink baju kurung), Aunty Fadzillah (white tudung), Aunty Emon (blue baju kurung), Aunty Hasnah, Uncle Yazid, Uncle Hamzah, Abah and Uncle Zul. This picture was taken when Uncle Zul just got his Volvo (in the picture). The Volvo served him well until he sold it to a friend in 2007.

That’s all about me in the past. Therefore, my friends who used to stay at Batang Berjuntai or within the vicinity of Berjuntai Tin Dredging, I am looking for you guys for us to meet again and keeping in touch from now onwards. I miss you guys and hope that one day we will be able to meet again.

Last but not least, Al-Fatihah to Allahyarham Fatimah Nur (1983-2001) and Allahyarham Mohd Ezhar @ Abang Anep (1976-2008). You guys will always be my close friends until the end.


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