MyBenz Motorcade To Putrajaya Mosque (16 May 2009) Part 1

While others were at home indulging themselves with their families and sitting in front of their television sets watching the Akademi Fantasia final concert, fellow members of Mercedes Benz owner club ( gathered themselves at the Awan Besar rest area before proceeding their journey to Putrajaya Mosque later on in a slow and steady convoy. There were three units of Mercedes Benz S-class (W140), a unit of W124 sedan, 2 units of C124 coupe and a W124 limousine followed by an A-class, W202 C-class and, W203 C-class and a W126 S-class. Thanks to the initiator, Bro Maxazman for hosting such event. Pictures should tell a thousand words how well was the motorcade going on that day. Here it goes……enjoy….


The earliest to arrive at Awan Besar Rest Area….. Pyan El-Hakim and Anuar


The tail light of a W115 and a W124 Mercedes Benz, thanks to Pyan and Nuar.


Bg Jamaldn and his rare species of W124, 260E limousine…


The edge of the W126 tail light and followed by the tail of W202 C-class and W140 S-class

IMG_3273 The convoy line up before hit the road to get to Putrajaya, lead car: Maxazman  & Sweeper: Haji Akhir

IMG_3274 Sham and his newly refreshed C-klasse…

IMG_3275 Mercedes Benz, the futre of Automobile…

IMG_3276 A 29 year old Italian wild horse, 1980 Fiat X1/9….


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A new book of my life has just begun…..Fadhil & Shahidah


“Saya terima nikah Norshahidah Binti Mohd Mahayadin dengan mas kahwinnya RM80.00 tunai” Alhamdulillah in a mere one sentence, I am now officially a husband to Norshahidah Binti Mohd Mahayadin. 1 May 2009 will always be remembered as the magical date for both of us as while the world celebrated labor day, we tied the knot for us to be together eternally. I guess I am the luckiest guy on earth as I have gotten myself a good, beautiful and gorgeous looking wife like her. She completes my life which was rather birzirk earlier. I am now trying to be a good husband to my wife and also to enable her to carry on my next generations.


I remembered this byte of a song sang by Saiful, “Ku juga mencintai dirimu, mengapa sukar ku luahkan, bukan sengaja ku menahan, bibir membeku lidah terkelu, ku juga mencintai dirimu, kau amat sempurna buatku, bukannya saja aku biarkan, kan ucap jua padamu………….” May the flame of love that has been nurtured earlier grows stronger each days as we move on with our new phase of life.


I pray each day that we will always be like this forever. She completes my life with her love and tenderness. I am happy for both of us, in fact the whole world is happy for us actually. Another marriage has taken into place; where a prince and princess tied their knot and sail in the open sea together. I will always love my wife, Norshahidah Mohd Mahayadin till the end of my life. May Allah Bless this marriage with all His Blessings.


From Ara Damansara to Kelana Jaya with love….. no one would ever expect that an acquaintanship in Perodua Kembara club ended with marriage between Ahmad Fadhil Zhafri Ahmad Fuad and his wife Norshahidah Mohd Mahayadin. In fact she is also a member of MyBenz, another club where Ahmad Fadhil Zhafri share his passion in Mercedes Benz cars. Thanks to all friends for all the supports given throughout the relationships. We have gone through a lot before we finally settled down.¬† Pray for our happiness in the world and the here after…Aminnn…….

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Counting The Days

At this point of time, I am nervously counting my days before the big day comes. Sometimes I could not believe that I am going to get married and soon I am going to be someone’s husband. The time has come for me to settle down and start a new chapter in my life. I accepted the fact that I am getting married and the new life which I am going to face after marriage. God must have really loved me that he matched me with someone that accept me as who I am, Nor Shahidah Mohd Mahayadin is just like a guardian angel sent by Him to safeguard me and showers me with love that any man in this whole wide world deserves to get.

As at now, I am still distributing the invitation cards to all friends of mine from school to my latest organization that I joined. I would be happy if they could come to commemorate my big day. Albeit the nervousness and agony before the big day, deep in my heart, I am happy that finally I am settling down and I hope that my life after this would be a lot better than before. I made a vow that should anyone that stand in between my marriage, I will never and ever forgive the person. I maybe soft spoken but when it comes to relationships particularly to safeguard my marriage, I am a man with a principle, those who stand in between me and her, just back off!

There are 5 wishes that I wanted to fulfilled once I get married.

  1. To be a better person religiously, spiritually and physically to be a good leader of the family.
  2. To have a better life regardless of what situation I am going to face with her.
  3. To be a good husband to my wife and a good father to my soon to be kids
  4. To have a wonderful family
  5. To lead a good example to all of my family members

I need to go now, need to rest due my fever. I hope that these 5 wishes can be fulfilled by a man named Ahmad Fadhil Zhafri Bin Ahmad Fuad. If once he was often being perceived as immature, well he is not as perceived. He is in a transformation process and one day he will emerge and tell the whole world, “I am a new Ahmad Fadhil Zhafri”.

Ahmad Fadhil Zhafri Ahmad Fuad

1226 hrs

Ara Damansara

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Post MyBenz 4th Anniversary 2009

I am glad that I have successfully executed MyBenz 4th Anniversary celebration. Although the number of participation for this year event is not as much compared to last year’s event, but it is not the number of participation that matters but the benefits and joy enjoyed by fellow members that matters to me. I am very happy to see all faces of MyBenz for this year’s event especially the Johorian’s MyBenzers; thank you to all of you.

The anniversary night was the most memorable moment for all MyBenzers as for the first time, the 4th Anniversary Dinner was held in a ship that moves along the Johor Causeway and we had wonderful time onboard.

Pictures from the Danga Cruise.


That’s my youngest sister, posing at the deck of Danga Cruise.


Adik, Me, Enkil, Hj Akhir, Kapitan… taking our sweet time before boarding the ship. It reminded me of Titanic.


My sister, Farah @ PiPiLoyot posing at the deck.


Moment to be remembered for the rest of my life. Friends forever!


Waiting for the ship to sail along the Johor Causeway.

MyBenz Fantasia resulted with a huge number of hidden talents amongst MyBenzers. Sham, Fizzo, Pyan_W115, Adik, PiPiLoyot, AFJ, Kapitan, Zeta etc, you guys rocks!

Sham in action….


Adik and PiPiLoyot in action!

I would like to thank these individuals for all their helps, guidance and criticisms throughout the planning and execution of MyBenz 4th Anniversary 2009, I must say that this is the best part of being a MyBenzers and strengthened my factor for being a proud member of MyBenz.

1. PiPiLoyot- You are an iron lady sis! Thank you for your help and your ideas and strong public relations skills helped a lot in making this event a success. Thank your for all the supports given to me sis! Good luck for your future undertakings sis.

2. Kapitan- My strong arm and my fighting partners. However, fighting does not mean we offending and vengeful. Kapitan, u showed me the meaning of professionalism. I appreciate that bro. Your presence in MyBenz 4th Anniversary despite being a new members, I respect you for that bro.

3. Pyan_W115- Vadivelu ammak! Your presence light up the spark of MyBenz 4th Anniversary. I am happy and glad for your helps and ideas. I guess u are right bro, “I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way!” I am going to take that as my words of courage in the future.

4. Adik- Faiz, you have proven to me that you have an excellent level of public relations skills. With your helps and supports, we managed to gather as many prizes as ever compared to last year bro!. Thanks to you for making this event a success!

5. Sham- My good friend and my elder brother in this forum, thank you very much for all the guidance and trust given to me in handling this anniversary together with the rest of young MyBenzers. You really showed me the meaning of Viva MyBenzers and brotherhood and cherishing the friendships we have build.

6. Buckrey- Abg Buck, your ongoing support and helps in bringing the huge number of goodies from KL, I am speechless bg. Thank you bg buck for your support. Your confidence in me to handle this anniversary is an honor for me bg buck. Thank you once again for your trust bg buck.

7. Zeta Jones- Kak Zeta, thank you for helping me in carrying the goodie bags for the orphans and OKU. I am glad and appreciate your help Kak. With all the advise, nagging and laughters you given to us, would be beneficial to all of us in the future.

8. Pak Amman- Pak Amman, by knowing you at the anniversary, my perception that you are unapproachable, changed. In fact, I am glad that you are able to make it to this year anniversary consistently Pak Amman without fail. Pak Amman, allow me to say this words quoted by you, “Tidak keterlaluan untuk saya nyatakan bahawa inilah keindahan MyBenz” U made MyBenz more colorful than ever.

To all members who came and support especially to Johor members, AJ_124, Fizzo and Zeta; thank you very much our Johorians friends!

On behalf of the committee members, thousands of apology from all of us for any hiccups throughout the happening of the event. We hope to see all of you again in the next year round anniversary with bigger crowds and participation.



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Matahariku by Agnes Monica

Artist : Agnes Monica
Title : Matahariku

Tertutup sudah pintu pintu hatiku
Yang pernah dibuka waktu hanya untukmu
Kini kau pergi dari hidupku
Ku harus relakanmu walau aku tak mau

Berjuta warna pelangi didalam hati
Sejenak luluh terhening menjauh pergi
Tak ada lagi cahaya suci
Semua nada beranjak aku terdiam sepi

[ Matahariku lyric found on ]
Dengarlah matahariku suara tangisanku
Ku bersedih karena panah cinta menusuk jantungku
Ucapkan matahariku puisi tentang hidupku
Tentangku yang tak mampu menaklukkan waktu

Back to Reff:*

dengarlah matahariku suara tangisanku
ku bersedih karena panah cinta menusuk jantungku

Back to Reff:**

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My Short Silence

It has been a while since I last posted in my faithful blog. I have been busy with some stuffs particularly with my current assignment being an event coordinator. Although I am currently unemployed due to the incident occurred at my previous work place, which used to be my dream work place, I am now tied on a contract with this event management company. In fact after leaving my old office, I was not in a mood of posting any stories in my blog but then, I realized that life must go on no matter what people said and here I am, standing tall, looking for opportunities in pursuance of my career life.

Although I am tied on a contractual basis, this job some how or rather is an enjoyable job that I ever done. It is more on the outdoor work whereby I am able to meet people and sharpen my communication skills from time to time. Like any other marketing oriented person, I am required to build my rapport with all external parties particularly with the project I am currently running. Recceing for the most feasible location, meeting with the assistant directors of local councils and government agencies add some sweetness to my area of job I am doing now.

This is only the beginning as my main part will be kicking off next month, where I will be extremely busy like any other people. I am put in charge with the planning and execution of plans for my client’s event, the Fiesta @ Radio24, a relatively new radio station that emphasise on news broadcasting under the Bernama. I need to analyze the type of activities that can be added to make the event lively and attractive.

Although I have started to enjoy my current job now but I need to find other jobs which is more secured for me to pursue my career. I am not interested in doing Human Resource anymore as I want to pursue my career in the Corporate Communication areas as I like meeting people and also involve with the event happenings of the organization I am sitting in. I find that Corporate Communication as interesting area of field that I want to pursue in. I know my strengths lies on the communicating with people from different level and different races.I hope that one day, I will be able to find better job in the future and made a vow to myself that I want nothing but the best from me.

I hope that I can achieve this in the long run as I have a deep passion in communicating with people from various backgrounds. I prayed that one day God will answer to my prayers. Please accept my sincere apology for my short silence to all my loyal viewers. I hope that one day my dreams will be realized.

Till we meet again, good night and salam to all.

-Ahmad Fadhil Zhafri Ahmad Fuad-


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AMC Classic Car Competition 2007 Part 2


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