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Post MyBenz Charity

I have been busy lately with my office work and this is the only time I have to jot some thoughts that came across my mind. I am glad that MyBenz Charity ended with a very good responds from both members and non members. I wish to share with some thoughts from a friend of mine, Sharifah Wani Jamalullail in her posting in and her comments really touched my heart and it made me feel appreciated, thanks Kak Wani!


From left: Khuzairi, Fardell, Evva, Hafiz_gmsb, PiPiLOyoT, Pak Amman, Fara @ Ayusolo, Adik@Faiz,  Sarah Rusly @ C9’s daughter, Aweksha, Amin @ Kura-Kura, Sham, Zeta & Sharifah Wani Jamalullail




Aiseyyyy…. So close but yet so far. Sham targeted collection of donation 30k, my target of 40k tak sampai he he he…. Tak pa lah… close enough ya. It will be great RM10 can be collected from members monthly.

To all donors thank you!

My merci beaucoup to:

Buckrey: My many thanks to you for giving me the chance, opportunity, and saying yes to giving the green light for this charity event. As I said before your big tree will be growing apples soon.

Zeta: My dearest friend Zeta, thank you for having faith in me from day one, not loosing hope and believing that this event will be a MYBENZZAVAGANZA…through thick and thin… it was all worth it. We make a fabulous team mate. p1020695

Sham: I thank you for your calmness and patience through out this program. Your creativity (MB charity polo tshirt and cap design), humour and support is remarkable. p10207201

Hafiz: Thank you for your macho coolness… your coolness does help ease my worries away at times. Thanks for ‘layaning’ my little short calls on how do you say this in malay… Or what is this word in malay…. Ha ha ha. Your video presentation was very touching, high TEN to you. Your never ending support is highly appreciated. pb080125
Evva: Thank you so much for your motivation and never ending support. It has been so real. Remember what I said from day one… Its happening evva…. So happenning… and it happened.


Amin@Kura-Kura: Thank you for your slowly but surely… Your interest, and devotion towards the program is superb.


Amman: You putting me on the hot seat during our first meeting, followed by your outstanding voice is great first impression… Ha ha ha, now your sense of humour sama la with Dean Nyot-Nyot. Eventhough you only join in towards the end… You have motivate and uplift us for the better… Thank you.


Khuzairi: What can I say…you know me well enough not to say no…. He he he..ya la too well, since my late teens. I thank you for your time and help… You have never let me down….just yet 🙂 Thanks dude!


Fardell: I thank you for your full heart felt in
this program… You being supportive has brought joy to the team.


Pipiloyot: you are such a sweetheart on helping out, your time, support, and detail of work is appreciated.


Aweksha: you are such a sweetie on helping out, your time, support and detail of work is appreciated.


Pyan: your help and humour brought light and joy to everyone… Thank you.


Adik: Your time and help was very pleasant… Thank you a bill.


Cougar9: How could I forget, our Mr. Auditor … he he he, your high spirit and looking all matters with a positive views is very soothing and comforting. Thank you, Uncle.


Donors: From the bottom of my heart… thank you, only Allah/god can repay back your kindness.

Sponsors: Thank you for making the event a reality for us.

Members and guests: Thank you for your support, contribution and hope all have enjoyed!



_dsc93522MyBenz With Love.


November 17, 2008 at 16:04 1 comment

Stolen 2008 Toyota Camry

My uncle’s car got stolen yesterday while on his way back home from the office and the way his car got stolen was tragic and traumatic one. He got hit by a car and he pulled over the side of the road to check whether everything was ok or else. Suddenly, the occupants of the car that hit his car bashed him up before took the car away, luckily my Uncle was only suffering with minor bruises but he got to undergone such a traumatic moment, lost his car and got bashed by these merciless beast or should I say, a beast in a human’s clothing.

So to all my friends especially those living within the vicinity of Saujana Impian, Kajang, if u see this 2008 Toyota Camry, silver colour fitted with bodykit, registration number WRV7779, please inform the police ASAP or inform my Uncle, Tuan Haji Abdul Aziz Abd Rahman at 017-3287577. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. I am sad and angry over these bunch of people who are so desperate to do whatever they wish as even by hurting other people merely to get hold of their belongings.

November 13, 2008 at 00:04 2 comments

MyBenz Charity 2008

MyBenz Charity 2008

MyBenz Charity 2008

To All Members…
Come Join, Contribute & Support Our Charity Program….

* For those who wrote “tbc”, please confirm your attendance ASAP

Venue: Impiana Hotel KL
Time : 2pm- 6pm
Date : 1 November 2008


Impiana KL Room Rate:

Superior Room type.

package type 1: RM230++ with 1 breakfast
package type 2: RM250++ with 2 breakfast

1.Dean126 (saripuddin) – type 2 – 1/11/2008
2.Zeta – type 1 -31/10/2008


Charity Coupons

RM50.00 Adults / Children: RM35 (7 year old & above)- no coupon issued

Booking List (Coupons):

** For those who book online (early bird) can choose tshirt size
** First come first serve, limited to 200pcs only.
*** Available Size: S=40, M=40, L=60, XL=60, XXL=30, XXXL=20
**** Check your FREE tshirt measurement here : S-18, M-19, L-20, XL-21, XXL-22, XXXL-23

All payments to be made to:

Mybenz Network
MBB : 564810003768
email notify:

Donations from Non Mybenz Members:

1. Orang Pandan Indah – RM200 ————-(PAID)TQ
2. Shahwira Holdings Sdn Bhd – RM5000 —–(PAID)TQ
3. Anonymous – RM600 ———————-(PAID)TQ
4. Osmania Logistics Sdn Bhd – RM500 ——(PAID)TQ
5. Anonymous – RM200 ———————–(PAID)TQ
6. Alaf Sentosa Sdn Bhd – RM2000 ———–(PAID)TQ
7. Anonymous – RM100 ————(PAID)TQ
8. Anonymous – RM300 ————(PAID)TQ
9. Anonymous – RM50 ————-(PAID)TQ
10. Anonymous – RM50 ————-(PAID)TQ
11. Anonymous – RM500 ————(PAID)TQ
12. Anonymous – RM50————–(PAID)TQ
13. Mr. X – RM50 —————– (PAID)10Q
14. Ms. Blondie – RM50 ———– (PAID)10Q
15. Dancesteps Studio Sdn Bhd – RM1000 —– (PAID) 10Q
16. Rsegari Holdings Sdn Bhd – RM1000 —— (PAID) 10Q
17. Mr and Mrs Smith – RM500————(PAID)TQ
18. En. Mohd Radzi & Puan Nor Azian- RM100
19. Jack and Jill- RM500
20. Mr and Mrs Beckham- RM500
21. Kristal Visual Sdn Bhd- RM5000
22. Wan Puteri Khadijah- RM50
23. Wan Muhammad Khalil Putra- RM50

Donation from MYBENZ members. (Min. donation RM20)

Pay to: Mybenz Network /MBB 564810003768/email notify (important)

1. Anonymous – RM1000 ————————(PAID)TQ
2. 19owner – RM50—————————–(PAID)TQ
3. Jai – RM100——————————–(PAID)TQ
4. Besout Auto, Rawang – Faizal – RM200
5. C&G Car Acc Air-Cond& Elec Co – RM300 ——(PAID)TQ
6. City Cycle – RM300————————–(PAID)TQ
7. NPK -RM100 ———————————(PAID)TQ
8. Choq – RM50 ——————————–(PAID)TQ
9. Anonymous – RM30 ————————– (PAID) TQ
10. Hamba Allah – RM2000 ——————— (PAID) TQ


Anyone who wishes to volunteer for the above please write your name, as we will be meeting with MB Charity committee members together with all volunteers for the event dry run rehearsal.

DATE: 31st October 2008 – Friday.
TIME: 5pm.
VENUE: Hotel Impiana, KL


1. Sham
2. Hafiz
3. Evva
4. Buckrey
5. Kura-Kura@Amin
6. Shwani
7. Pipiloyot
8. Fardell
9. Aweksha
10. Khuzairi
11. Amman
12. C9 – daughter
13. suhanida (new volunteer)
14. Razak
15. adik
16. Zeta

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to call us…

Committee Members:
Zeta 019 7704991
shwani 012 2442277
evva 013 3471454
hafiz 019 3713174
sham 012 6749804
amin 019 2989388

October 22, 2008 at 16:30 1 comment

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