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Counting The Days

At this point of time, I am nervously counting my days before the big day comes. Sometimes I could not believe that I am going to get married and soon I am going to be someone’s husband. The time has come for me to settle down and start a new chapter in my life. I accepted the fact that I am getting married and the new life which I am going to face after marriage. God must have really loved me that he matched me with someone that accept me as who I am, Nor Shahidah Mohd Mahayadin is just like a guardian angel sent by Him to safeguard me and showers me with love that any man in this whole wide world deserves to get.

As at now, I am still distributing the invitation cards to all friends of mine from school to my latest organization that I joined. I would be happy if they could come to commemorate my big day. Albeit the nervousness and agony before the big day, deep in my heart, I am happy that finally I am settling down and I hope that my life after this would be a lot better than before. I made a vow that should anyone that stand in between my marriage, I will never and ever forgive the person. I maybe soft spoken but when it comes to relationships particularly to safeguard my marriage, I am a man with a principle, those who stand in between me and her, just back off!

There are 5 wishes that I wanted to fulfilled once I get married.

  1. To be a better person religiously, spiritually and physically to be a good leader of the family.
  2. To have a better life regardless of what situation I am going to face with her.
  3. To be a good husband to my wife and a good father to my soon to be kids
  4. To have a wonderful family
  5. To lead a good example to all of my family members

I need to go now, need to rest due my fever. I hope that these 5 wishes can be fulfilled by a man named Ahmad Fadhil Zhafri Bin Ahmad Fuad. If once he was often being perceived as immature, well he is not as perceived. He is in a transformation process and one day he will emerge and tell the whole world, “I am a new Ahmad Fadhil Zhafri”.

Ahmad Fadhil Zhafri Ahmad Fuad

1226 hrs

Ara Damansara


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Life Is All That

I am nearing to it……..








Sounds scary isn’t it? But that’s my inspirational words that never stops me from doing Luxor. Yup, after all the rejections that I get, I am actually nearing towards my goal. Alhamdulillah, I managed to get another person to sign up. Who is she? She happened to be the clerk working at BM Star, place where abah always sent his Bimmer and Merc for service. Her name is Hashina or she’s well known with her nick name, Kak Ina. Actually I was supposed to meet up with two people yesterday night; Eta and Zul but due to unforeseen circumstances, they had to postponed the appointment to a date that will be confirmed as soon as possible. I believe that these three people that i met can do this business as they have their dreams to chase after. I am going to pick Nana up today at KL Sentral at 9.00 am today and bring her to Menara Luxor, the tower of success to introduce her to this business.

After meeting up with Kak Ina, I proceeded my endless journey to Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam to see my other business partner, Tahir. I really want to help this guy as he is totally down as he got rejected by most of his friends. Thus, I gave him strategy in order for him to attract people into this business. How? I gave him an assignment to list out 100 names of his prospects and I want to see it after Raya. Not only that, since he is a great collector of Motor Trader magazines, I told him to compile it together and talk to his prospects about their dream car. Alhamdulillah, he got back his spirit and I told him that I really wanted to help him out to succeed in this business but he must give me a chance to help him and he must give himself a chance to succeed in this business. As usual, I gave him our keyword for our team, “GASAK” inspirated by Luxor Millionaire Ambassador Hajah Sarina Hashim.

Well today, we are going to meet with Hajah Sarina Hashim, a lady that gave me the inspiration to come out with the word “GASAK” as our keyword in our team to achieve our goal. Glad to hear that most of Afiq’s group member have found their people and hoped to see them today. Looking forward for that. Till then, be having my buka puasa with my family at Balai Perdana FELDA. Chireo, 73.

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What I want to achieve before I reach 30?

Some people may find it impossible for me to grab every single thing in this whole wide world in a mere 5 years, but as for me whom believe in God’s fate and my capability, I believe that I can realize it within this time frame. Like any other people, I have a mission and vision in life, similar to an organization that needs to come out with their mission and vision as part of their strategic management practice.

If one said that they have done it before and failed, they perceived that they are a big time failures, I was among those people whom had failed in their life but then, I sit back and think will I make any difference if I said that I am a big time failure? I was down in the drain when I thought that I have lost everything that I own before this not until I found my strengths. The strengths is actually me myself; per se, only I can make a different in my life, by putting aside what had happened in the past.  I remembered someone used to tell me this when I was really down the drain; “Challenges are gift, it forces you to find a new center of gravity to stand on, dont fight it just find a new way to stand” somehow, I find the statement rather true, it is actually me whom can make every single diffferent in mylife now.

Thus, it came before me to write down my dreams and what am I going to achieve in 5 years time. First, a good and condusive working environment that will enhance my skills and capability to be an asset to my current company. At the moment, I found that Perodua gives me abundant of experience for me to savvy to enhance and boost my self confidence as well as enhancing my career development in the future. Therefore, I am aiming that I am going to be at least Assistant Manager for Human Resource & Training at my current work place; and I am the only one whom can make the difference. I am already in the organization and now it is time for me to sail in the open sea to reap the achievements in the company. Again by holding to the motivational statement given by someone that I know earlier, I believe that by proofing myself as an asset and capable in delivering things, I can achieve that post within the time frame, I only need to follow the steps to be one. I pray that I can be a good leader full with charisma, transformational and diplomatic leader in my career development, Insya-Allah, I believe that Allah will help me to reach the goals, provided I have to work smart and think hard to be one in five years time.

Everybody has their own dream machine that they want to feel, drive, or even own it. Similar to me, I believe that by putting my heart and soul to it and everyday take it as a mode of motivational tool, I will get my ever dream machine into reality. I have always fancy the German marques for ages, since my dad owns one and he is another source of motivation in order for me to get my dream German marques. I will ensure that in five years time I am going to own my very first Mercedes Benz, an E280 AMG version. I am not aiming for the higher end model for this E-class because I have to be realistic over things that I want to get. I have always been dreaming to own a Mercedes Benz regardless of what people said. I appreciate the Germans for their technology featured inside the Mercedes Benz range and it has always been my dream machine to drive. Once I got the car, I shall let my father to be the first to drive it as a token of appreciation for motivating towards owning the car, Insya-Allah it will become a reality provided I work hard for it.

I have been wanting to own a house of my own at a prestigous area in Kuala Lumpur but then, the new township Ara Damansara captured my eyes. This new township is the most appreciative areas in Petaling Jaya area amidst other newly developed township. Imagine, the value of properties at Ara Damansara appreciated by days. My parents bought their dream house here at RM650,000 and to date the value had increased to close to RM1 million, a huge amount for a double storey link house in this area. But I have made up my mind that I am going to own one of this house in this residency in the next five years. Being a young successful executive, this somehow will motivate me to work smarter and think harder in the future. I could not care less for what people are going to say about it because as long as the intention of buying a dream house has already in mind.

This is the most important thing that I want to achieve in the next five years. Since I am already married as at that time, I must say that I want to have a happy family living modestly at my dream residency area as well as having a bright and brilliant children of mine and my wife as at that time. My main aim is one, I want all of them to lead a happily ever after life and I want them to live in an easy life. I would give my chidren the best education that they can get as well as preparing themselves for the hereafter as their way of life. A happy family believing on the five pillars of principles of Islam and 6 pillars of principles of Iman, I believe this can be a reality. I want my children to be good in both aspects, their worldly life as well as their hereafter life.

Insya-Allah that my dreams can be realized in the next five years. Having my career progressed and bloom at my current workplace, driving my ever dreamt car Mercedes E280 AMG, buying my dream property at Ara Damansara as well as having my dream family, these are my dream achievements in the next five years and if this happen, Syukur Alhamdulillah to the Great Almighty for blessing my life with all His Blessings. Whatever it is, prayer from parents are the most important above all. I believe that with smart work and critical thinking I can realize my goal in the future. Insya-Allah.

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Who is Ahmad Fadhil Zhafri?

It was a blissful morning on that day and on that day 13th March 1983 at 9.30 am, I took my first breath into this vulnerable world at the labor room of Ipoh Specialist Centre after sitting comfortably in my mum’s womb for 9 months 3 days. Sometimes, I wonder whether the first cry was a cry of happiness or sorrow, only God knows as He knew better than we do.

I did not know who my parents were but all I could remember was my mother’s tears dripping onto my soft cheek so did my dad on which later I knew that Ahmad Fuad Jaafar is my dad and Zulaika A Rahman is my mum. As a baby, I am vulnerable towards diseases and various of illnesses. According to dad, I did not cry for long due to difficulties in breathing thus I had to be put in an incubator. My mum said that she was admitted into the labor at 2 am but only delivered me 7 hours later, gosh, wonder how painful and suffer my mum was; using all the strengths that she could merely to get me into this world. According to mum, I was a huge baby and weights about 8 pounds, man how big I was.

As I grew up, I went through a wonderful childhood days on which other kids did not stake a chance to feel the beautiness of my childhood days. Yup, as early as a baby, I grew up in a moderate comfort living in a bungalow provided by dad’s company, I got everything that a boy would ever wanted in this world; toys. The most unforgettable memories was my childhood days at a serene place located at the outskirt of the city of civilization, Kuala Lumpur. Called Batang Berjuntai (now known as Berjuntai Bestari, where my sister is studying currently). Yup, indeed it was a memorable moment during my stay there. Everything was provided and off course the small boss (me) would get everything that he ever wanted. The story began at an old English-style bungalow located at Bukit Minyak. Back then, those who lived at Bukit Minyak were regarded as rich and only selected people were allowed to enter the housing area as the housing area were strictly secured.

I was 3 back then and off course when looking at that old spooky bungalow (indeed it was) was a great horror. Yeah it was big and I remembered that I could even play hide and seek inside the house, imagine how small I was and how big was the house. Not only that, the surrounding location of the house added tonnes of credits how scary the house looked like. Surrounded with palm trees, the house looked conducive in the daylight but in the night time, the house looked spooky added with mist. I spent 7 years living in that spooky house before my family moved out from the house to Kemaman.

Another chapter began as my family moved to Kemaman, Terengganu. I spent 4 1/2 years there. First, we lived at Taman Jakar Jaya. It was a single storey bungalow but we did not stay there long due to the instability of the house. When I was in the standard two, my family shifted to Taman Haji Wan Ngah 2 and spent the rest of the 3 years in that terrace double storey house. There I spent my primary school days at Sekolah kebangsaan Seri Kemaman. I met with various of people there and I still keep in touch with them although I only met them after 11 years I left Kemaman and my family decided to settle down in Kuala Lumpur.

The journey will continue……

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