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MyBenz Motorcade To Putrajaya Mosque (16 May 2009) Part 1

While others were at home indulging themselves with their families and sitting in front of their television sets watching the Akademi Fantasia final concert, fellow members of Mercedes Benz owner club ( gathered themselves at the Awan Besar rest area before proceeding their journey to Putrajaya Mosque later on in a slow and steady convoy. There were three units of Mercedes Benz S-class (W140), a unit of W124 sedan, 2 units of C124 coupe and a W124 limousine followed by an A-class, W202 C-class and, W203 C-class and a W126 S-class. Thanks to the initiator, Bro Maxazman for hosting such event. Pictures should tell a thousand words how well was the motorcade going on that day. Here it goes……enjoy….


The earliest to arrive at Awan Besar Rest Area….. Pyan El-Hakim and Anuar


The tail light of a W115 and a W124 Mercedes Benz, thanks to Pyan and Nuar.


Bg Jamaldn and his rare species of W124, 260E limousine…


The edge of the W126 tail light and followed by the tail of W202 C-class and W140 S-class

IMG_3273 The convoy line up before hit the road to get to Putrajaya, lead car: Maxazman  & Sweeper: Haji Akhir

IMG_3274 Sham and his newly refreshed C-klasse…

IMG_3275 Mercedes Benz, the futre of Automobile…

IMG_3276 A 29 year old Italian wild horse, 1980 Fiat X1/9….


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Post MyBenz 4th Anniversary 2009

I am glad that I have successfully executed MyBenz 4th Anniversary celebration. Although the number of participation for this year event is not as much compared to last year’s event, but it is not the number of participation that matters but the benefits and joy enjoyed by fellow members that matters to me. I am very happy to see all faces of MyBenz for this year’s event especially the Johorian’s MyBenzers; thank you to all of you.

The anniversary night was the most memorable moment for all MyBenzers as for the first time, the 4th Anniversary Dinner was held in a ship that moves along the Johor Causeway and we had wonderful time onboard.

Pictures from the Danga Cruise.


That’s my youngest sister, posing at the deck of Danga Cruise.


Adik, Me, Enkil, Hj Akhir, Kapitan… taking our sweet time before boarding the ship. It reminded me of Titanic.


My sister, Farah @ PiPiLoyot posing at the deck.


Moment to be remembered for the rest of my life. Friends forever!


Waiting for the ship to sail along the Johor Causeway.

MyBenz Fantasia resulted with a huge number of hidden talents amongst MyBenzers. Sham, Fizzo, Pyan_W115, Adik, PiPiLoyot, AFJ, Kapitan, Zeta etc, you guys rocks!

Sham in action….


Adik and PiPiLoyot in action!

I would like to thank these individuals for all their helps, guidance and criticisms throughout the planning and execution of MyBenz 4th Anniversary 2009, I must say that this is the best part of being a MyBenzers and strengthened my factor for being a proud member of MyBenz.

1. PiPiLoyot- You are an iron lady sis! Thank you for your help and your ideas and strong public relations skills helped a lot in making this event a success. Thank your for all the supports given to me sis! Good luck for your future undertakings sis.

2. Kapitan- My strong arm and my fighting partners. However, fighting does not mean we offending and vengeful. Kapitan, u showed me the meaning of professionalism. I appreciate that bro. Your presence in MyBenz 4th Anniversary despite being a new members, I respect you for that bro.

3. Pyan_W115- Vadivelu ammak! Your presence light up the spark of MyBenz 4th Anniversary. I am happy and glad for your helps and ideas. I guess u are right bro, “I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way!” I am going to take that as my words of courage in the future.

4. Adik- Faiz, you have proven to me that you have an excellent level of public relations skills. With your helps and supports, we managed to gather as many prizes as ever compared to last year bro!. Thanks to you for making this event a success!

5. Sham- My good friend and my elder brother in this forum, thank you very much for all the guidance and trust given to me in handling this anniversary together with the rest of young MyBenzers. You really showed me the meaning of Viva MyBenzers and brotherhood and cherishing the friendships we have build.

6. Buckrey- Abg Buck, your ongoing support and helps in bringing the huge number of goodies from KL, I am speechless bg. Thank you bg buck for your support. Your confidence in me to handle this anniversary is an honor for me bg buck. Thank you once again for your trust bg buck.

7. Zeta Jones- Kak Zeta, thank you for helping me in carrying the goodie bags for the orphans and OKU. I am glad and appreciate your help Kak. With all the advise, nagging and laughters you given to us, would be beneficial to all of us in the future.

8. Pak Amman- Pak Amman, by knowing you at the anniversary, my perception that you are unapproachable, changed. In fact, I am glad that you are able to make it to this year anniversary consistently Pak Amman without fail. Pak Amman, allow me to say this words quoted by you, “Tidak keterlaluan untuk saya nyatakan bahawa inilah keindahan MyBenz” U made MyBenz more colorful than ever.

To all members who came and support especially to Johor members, AJ_124, Fizzo and Zeta; thank you very much our Johorians friends!

On behalf of the committee members, thousands of apology from all of us for any hiccups throughout the happening of the event. We hope to see all of you again in the next year round anniversary with bigger crowds and participation.



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MyBenz 4th Anniversary 2009

MYBENZ 4TH ANNIVERSARY Date : 7 & 8 March 2009 Venue: Pulai Spring Resort, Johor Darul Takzim Concept: “Viva MyBenz!” Tagline: “MyBenz; Together We Share” Dear All, This is the final itinerary and venue for the MyBenz 4th Anniversary for this year. After a series of discussion with the committee members and Board of Advisors, we have decided to make this event a 2 days and a night event. Special Edition MyBenz Anniversary T-Shirt:


(Can Only Proceed if reach 50 minimum orders)

A specially tailored T-shirt to commemorate this year family day has been designed and this limited edition t-shirt could be yours at only RM45. Interested, kindly list down your name as well as the size of your t-shirt for ordering before 25th February 2009. (Sham to upload the sample of t-shirt) and proceed with your remittance to:

Noor Hisham Bin Ahmad

Account number: MBB 5141 9605 6353

List of Order:

1. Fardell——-> (M)

2. AFJ———–> (L)

3. Zulaika——-> (L)

4. Ahmad Fateh—> (S)

5. Pipiloyot—–> (S)

6. Benzai——–> (L)

7. Kapitan——-> (M)

8. Sham———-> (XL)

9. Zulpc———> (XL)

10.Zeta———-> (L) 1

1. Zeta’s Husband-> (XL)

12.Haji Akhir—-> (XXL)

13. Mrs. Haji Akhir–> (L)

14. Haji Akhir’s Child–> (L)

15. Haji Akhir’s Child–> (M)

16. Aiman—————> XXL

17. Fizzo——–> L———–> PAID for Special Edition T-Shirt, thank you very much

18. Fizzo’s Wife–> L———->PAID for Special Edition T-Shirt, thank you very much

20. Fizzo’s Sister In-Law–> L———-> PAID for Special Edition T-Shirt, thank you very much

21. AJ_124——–> L

22. AJ_124’s wife–> L

Sponsorship & Contribution:-

We humbly ask fellow members to sponsor a few “top prizes” for the activities as well as lucky draw prizes..yes! it can be anything! cash and non-prize (i.e. decorations, etc.) is accepted too. Since we will be having our charity program, those who wish to make a personal contributions are also welcome. Those who wants to contribute anonymously as well as openly, may contact either adik @faiz @ 0193337770, and fardell @ 0173679056.

MyBenz 4th Anniversary Annual Dinner 2009:-

Venue: Danga Bay Cruise

Time: 8 pm-11pm

Price per pax: RM80.00 for adult

: F.O.C for kids under 12 year Old

Type of dinner: BBQ Dinner

** Price included with karaoke set and PA System.

*** RM2500 surcharge waived

Therefore, we need to know how many pax; adults and childrens will be attending this dinner as we need to make necessary preparations for this a week in advance.

Number of Adults:

1. Fardell

2. AFJ

3. Mrs AFJ

4. Pipiloyot

5. Fateh

6. Sham

7. Mrs Sham

8. Sham’s mother in-law

9. Zeta

10. Zeta’s husband

11. Bonjoley

12. Mrs Bonjoley

13. Nagafly

14. Aiman

15. AJ_124

16. Mrs AJ_124

17. Hj Akhir

18. Mrs Hj Akhir

19. Hj Akhir’s child

20. Hj Akhir’s child

21. Fizzo——->PAID for anniversary dinner, thank you very much

22. Fizzo’s wife—–>PAID for anniversary dinner, thank you very much

23. Fizzo’s Sister In-law——–> PAID for anniversary dinner, thank you very much

24. Bensadir

25. Pak Amman

26. Mrs. Pak Amman

27. Adik

28. Kapitan

29. Aiman

Number of Children:

1. Fatin Nurkhadijah—–> 11 year old

2. Adrian Zikry———-> 8 year old

3. Ayra Zahia————> 5 year old

4. Arief Najmie———-> 8 year old

5. Arief Haziq———–> 5 year old

6. Arief Irfan———–> 3 year old

7. Alisya Hannah———> 6 year old

8. Akmal Mohamad———>

9. Ahmad Farhan———->

10. Mohamad Harith——->

Please be advised that the dateline for the booking for MyBenz Annual Dinner is on the 26th of February 2009. Kindly proceed with your remittance to:

Noor Hisham Bin Ahmad

Account number: MBB 5141 9605 6353

MyBenz Fantasia Singing Competition:

Fellow committees would like to invite members to participate in MyBenz Fantasia Competition another new program for this year anniversary program. We believe that amongst us, lies a hidden talent in singing. Come and show us the hidden talent in you.

1. Fardell

2. AFJ

3. Amman

4. Fizzo









This is the latest information that I have gotten from an email sent by Pulai Springs as at today, 22 February 2009. We managed to get furhter discount from Pulai Springs at here is the latest pricing.

1. Studio room apartment (1 king bed/ 1 twin bed)——–> RM198.00 nett

2. 1 room apartment (1 king bed & 1 living room)———>RM238.00 nett

3. 2 room apartment (1 king bed, 1 twin bed & 1 living hall)——> RM308.00 nett

4. 3 room apartment (1 king bed, 1 queen bed, 1 twin bed & 1 living hall)—–> RM448.00 nett

Modes of payment:

* The hotel suggested that we do the booking separately in order to enjoy the discounted rate package. Therefore, I need details for those who are interested of joining to stay at Pulai Springs such as: Name: Contact number: Credit card details: and email to me at for me to send to Pulai Springs for booking purpose.

* I need to have these details the latest by 25 February 2009.

Family Telematch:

1. Adult——> RM 15 per pax

2. Children—-> RM 5 per pax

1. Itchy fingers

2. Waterfall next to you

3. Balloon catcher

4. Mummy wrap

5. Spongy race 6

. Around the world in 80 days

One complimentary game: Mini soccer

Itinerary of The Program:

Day 1, 8th March 2009


– Gather at Serdang Rest Area (please be punctual)


– Depart for Pulai Spring Resorts in convoy (exit at Skudai/UTM) **** first stop will be at Pagoh Rest Area **** second stop will be at Machap Rest Area


Expected arrival at Pulai Spring Resorts

– Check-in

– Rest


– Family telematch


– Convoy to Danga Bay to board the Danga Bay Cruise ship for MyBenz Annual Anniversary Dinner there.


-MyBenz Annual Anniversary Dinner

– Theme: Red & Black Night @ Danga Bay Boat Cruise

– after dinner TT-till late

Day 2, 9th March 2009

7.30am – Breakfast

9.00am – Golf (upon request)

– Free and Easy


– Check out from hotel

– Group photography session

– * Depart from Pulai Spring bounding for Pontian Kechil for MyBenz Charity program.


– Expected arrival at Pontian Kechil

– Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-Anak Yatim Islam Daerah Pontian – Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti (PDK)

– Get along with the inhabitants of the orphanage and also the OKU

– Lunch

– Cheque presentations

– Group photography session

– End of program and heads back to own destination

List of attendance:

1. Fardell & Family—–>(5 adults and 1 child)—-> 2 room apartment[/font] (Booked on 21 February 2009)

2. Sham & Family——–>(3 adults and 2 child)—-> 2 room apartment

3. Pyan_W115 & Adik (need 2 more occupants)—–>(4 adults—-> 2 room apartment

4. Zeta & Family—–>Not staying but will join activities

5. Bonjoley & Family—–>Studio room apartment

6. Pak Amman & Family—–>Studio room apartment

7. Nagafly & Family—–>Please advise the type of room you want to book

8. Aiman—–>Not staying but will join activities

9. AJ_124 & family—–>Not staying but will join activities

10. Hj Akhir & Family)—–>(4 adults—-> 2 room apartment

11. Fizzo & Family—–>Not staying but will join activities (PAID for family telematch, thank you very much)

12. Bensadir—–>Not staying but will join activities[/font][/color]





17. ____________________________________________________________ Therefore, calling all MyBenzers throughout Peninsular of Malaysia, come and join us for this year’s anniversary program. We guaranteed you an unforgettable moment in this year’s anniversary program Come and activate yourself at MyBenz Family Day 2009 and experience your stay with the pioneer of Mercedes Benz online forum in Malaysia since 2005! Come and book your room now before 25th February 2009! VIVA MYBENZ!!!!!!!! _________________________________________________________________ Come and join us! Calling all MyBenzers!

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MyBenz Charity 2008

MyBenz Charity 2008

MyBenz Charity 2008

To All Members…
Come Join, Contribute & Support Our Charity Program….

* For those who wrote “tbc”, please confirm your attendance ASAP

Venue: Impiana Hotel KL
Time : 2pm- 6pm
Date : 1 November 2008


Impiana KL Room Rate:

Superior Room type.

package type 1: RM230++ with 1 breakfast
package type 2: RM250++ with 2 breakfast

1.Dean126 (saripuddin) – type 2 – 1/11/2008
2.Zeta – type 1 -31/10/2008


Charity Coupons

RM50.00 Adults / Children: RM35 (7 year old & above)- no coupon issued

Booking List (Coupons):

** For those who book online (early bird) can choose tshirt size
** First come first serve, limited to 200pcs only.
*** Available Size: S=40, M=40, L=60, XL=60, XXL=30, XXXL=20
**** Check your FREE tshirt measurement here : S-18, M-19, L-20, XL-21, XXL-22, XXXL-23

All payments to be made to:

Mybenz Network
MBB : 564810003768
email notify:

Donations from Non Mybenz Members:

1. Orang Pandan Indah – RM200 ————-(PAID)TQ
2. Shahwira Holdings Sdn Bhd – RM5000 —–(PAID)TQ
3. Anonymous – RM600 ———————-(PAID)TQ
4. Osmania Logistics Sdn Bhd – RM500 ——(PAID)TQ
5. Anonymous – RM200 ———————–(PAID)TQ
6. Alaf Sentosa Sdn Bhd – RM2000 ———–(PAID)TQ
7. Anonymous – RM100 ————(PAID)TQ
8. Anonymous – RM300 ————(PAID)TQ
9. Anonymous – RM50 ————-(PAID)TQ
10. Anonymous – RM50 ————-(PAID)TQ
11. Anonymous – RM500 ————(PAID)TQ
12. Anonymous – RM50————–(PAID)TQ
13. Mr. X – RM50 —————– (PAID)10Q
14. Ms. Blondie – RM50 ———– (PAID)10Q
15. Dancesteps Studio Sdn Bhd – RM1000 —– (PAID) 10Q
16. Rsegari Holdings Sdn Bhd – RM1000 —— (PAID) 10Q
17. Mr and Mrs Smith – RM500————(PAID)TQ
18. En. Mohd Radzi & Puan Nor Azian- RM100
19. Jack and Jill- RM500
20. Mr and Mrs Beckham- RM500
21. Kristal Visual Sdn Bhd- RM5000
22. Wan Puteri Khadijah- RM50
23. Wan Muhammad Khalil Putra- RM50

Donation from MYBENZ members. (Min. donation RM20)

Pay to: Mybenz Network /MBB 564810003768/email notify (important)

1. Anonymous – RM1000 ————————(PAID)TQ
2. 19owner – RM50—————————–(PAID)TQ
3. Jai – RM100——————————–(PAID)TQ
4. Besout Auto, Rawang – Faizal – RM200
5. C&G Car Acc Air-Cond& Elec Co – RM300 ——(PAID)TQ
6. City Cycle – RM300————————–(PAID)TQ
7. NPK -RM100 ———————————(PAID)TQ
8. Choq – RM50 ——————————–(PAID)TQ
9. Anonymous – RM30 ————————– (PAID) TQ
10. Hamba Allah – RM2000 ——————— (PAID) TQ


Anyone who wishes to volunteer for the above please write your name, as we will be meeting with MB Charity committee members together with all volunteers for the event dry run rehearsal.

DATE: 31st October 2008 – Friday.
TIME: 5pm.
VENUE: Hotel Impiana, KL


1. Sham
2. Hafiz
3. Evva
4. Buckrey
5. Kura-Kura@Amin
6. Shwani
7. Pipiloyot
8. Fardell
9. Aweksha
10. Khuzairi
11. Amman
12. C9 – daughter
13. suhanida (new volunteer)
14. Razak
15. adik
16. Zeta

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to call us…

Committee Members:
Zeta 019 7704991
shwani 012 2442277
evva 013 3471454
hafiz 019 3713174
sham 012 6749804
amin 019 2989388

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